Mark W. Peters


Mark W. Peters
Lake City Ambulance Service
Lake City, MN

"This guy got out of bed at three o'clock in the morning and left his wife and kids to go on this call and never came back again."

Mark W. Peters, 36, died November 9, 1995 in a fiery ambulance accident when the driver lost control north of Rochester, Minnesota. The ambulance went out of control when it hit slippery road conditions, went in a ditch, rolled and caught fire.

Serving as the ambulance attendant, Mark died from injuries he received when he was thrown from the vehicle. In addition, the patient also died from smoke inhalation.

The patient's husband tried to rescue his wife but flames drove him back. Forty-two ambulances and other emergency vehicles from southern and central Minnesota and western Wisconsin led a funeral procession escorting Mark to his final resting place.

Lake City flags were flown at half-mast in memory of Mark until the day after his funeral. Following the graveside service dozens of balloons were released in his memory.

Mark was forever working in service to his hometown. A Coast Guard veteran, he piloted the Spirit of Lake City and later the Yachtacy Eagle taking townspeople and tourists on excursions of Lake Pepin.

Mark had been a volunteer on the Lake City Ambulance Service for 11 years, was an advocate for preservation of the city's history and was serving his second three-year term on the City Council.

Mark worked at Red Wing Pottery Chiropractic Clinic in Red Wing and was active in his church.

Survivors include his wife Denise; daughter Alesha; son Destin; his parents; and four brothers.

Mark was remembered as a quiet man with a receding hairline and a thin mustache stretched out by an almost constant smile and for having given his life in service.

Honored 1996