Brenda G. HagE


Brenda G. HagE
Pine County Ambulance Service
Pine City, MN

"Dedication is the key word, they are the people who get called out in the middle of the night, rain or snow. They get called away from family birthdays, Thanksgiving dinner and other events. When the pager summons them, they respond. No questions asked, I call them heroic." This was written by Pat O'Donovan, a Minnesota columnist, about a local emergency medical technician.

Brenda HagE, a volunteer EMT with the Hinckley Ambulance Service, was killed on January 14, 1999, while attending to a victim of an accident. The day of Brenda's death was her daughter Abby's eleventh birthday. Brenda was one of three people helping, when a third vehicle went out of control and skidded into the original scene.

The Training Coordinator for Pine County's Ambulance Service called Brenda "a very dedicated, high quality person, who always set high standards for herself. She was a good neighbor and friend, a very devoted mother and wife, who had a real sense of community." Her dedication extended into her community, helping with health fairs and school activities. She involved her family and her friends, making them realize how important community service is.

HagE was a unique person. There are many reasons to honor her. Her squad will remember Brenda each time they catch a glimpse of the rose with her name on the side of their ambulance, or pass the honorary plaque which hangs in their fire hall. A scholarship will be given out to a student in the medical field, another way of remembering Brenda, commentating her love of nursing. However, the best way to honor and remember Brenda HagE's memory was said by one of her colleagues, "I offer a challenge to everyone who reads this. Right now, stop and think of the person that you love more than anyone, someone you never want to lose. Then the next time you see flashing lights along the road, whether they belong to an emergency vehicle, patrol car, tow truck or construction zone, drive as if it is your own loved one standing in those lights."

Brenda HagE, age 39, is survived by her husband Darby, son Josh, and daughter Abby.

Honored 2000